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Anyone here interested in RWBY? Or maybe I should ask if anyone is even on LJ anymore??.

For one reason or another, it ended up appealing to me... despite the numerous issues that the series had, the fandom community had produced a number of interesting things to note of. And somehow or another, I ended up contributing a piece that's hopefully at least semi-decent.

Title: Cobblestone | FFnet | AO3
Fandom: RWBY
One-shot | Weiss, Ruby | 7, 865 words
Post-Season 2. There will be spoilers to some degree.

And also an update for another fic.

Title: Unfinished Business | FFnet | AO3
Fandom: Fate/Stay Night
Part 3 | decision | 4,021 words
Spoilers/Warning: Post UBW, game verse.

Also. I have a tumblr account for stalking people now. Drop me a message if I should be stalking you?

Dec. 1st, 2014

Title: Unfinished Business | FFnet | AO3
Fandom: Fate/Stay Night
Part I | trigger | 4,980 words
Spoilers/Warning: Post UBW, game verse.


Sep. 28th, 2014

Ingress: Am ambitious data collection hub disguised as a giant capture the flag game.

I'm actually enjoying this quite a fair bit...nicely executed, google.
Gotta say, I laughed at this post.

So true, and so rare, to feel like I'm an open book. Most on that list is true.

In particular, number ...well....I would be tagging most of them, so I probably shouldn't bother. Lol.


On Final Fantasy XIII-3's ending.

I watched it. I was bored, and it was on youtube's recommendation list, and I thought, eh, what the hell.

And, well...

I laughed at the ending. Quite literally laughed.

Oh boy. I'm honestly tempted to say quite a few things, but given that I think at least a few of you intend to play the game...I'll just say this.



Title: heartbeat | FFnet | AO3
Fandom: Sailormoon
Part II | Rei Hino. | 5,216 words
Spoilers/warnings: Post-manga story. There will be spoilers to some degree. Unbeta-ed.
Theme song: FFVII Crisis Core - The Price of Freedom.

...I should be putting a LJ cut to have an entire chapter readable here since the first part had already been archived on LJ. But.....I'd have to do all those italics tag individually, and I'm beat at the moment. I'll edit this post later to add it in, but in the meanwhile, I'm sure navigating to the links given above wouldn't be difficult. :)


May. 20th, 2013



How should I put this.

This had actually slipped my mind completely...even though I was notified of it on first of May.

But. Better late than never? :D?

And to the person who nominated it -- thank you.


Voting: May 1st - June 30th

Edit: Nominations have ended. Look beloooow.. :)


Feb. 24th, 2013

FFXIV graphics on the benchmark is bloody brilliant.

Watching on youtube seriously just do not come close in comparison. At all.

The good news about this upcoming mmo is that this one isn't punishing in its cpu requirements when compared to its failed original game...yet seems to look just as good, graphic and speed-wise. If not better. if I remember correctly

The bad news is that I want to see the benchmark for other areas now, i.e. full screen, character creation, etc.

And it needs to come out now. Noooow. :(


Dec. 5th, 2012

Title: Vestige | FFnet | AO3 | Portkey
One-shot | Harry, Hermione. | 4410 words
Spoilers: Post-movie story. Diverts from canon at some point during Deathly Hallows. Unbeta-ed.
Theme song: AA Bondy – There's a reason.

Hummmm. No comment. Most of the things I'd say is on the A/N of the fic itself, so...I'll just say that the bundled movies was at a 75% discount, and I was like, "oh, what the heck." Bought, watched. That, in return, produced this.

How well the characterizations is, and whether the story itself is paced nicely, still needs to be seen. Hmmmm.

Okay. Sleep.

I don't make it a point to really go out of my way to highlight TVB shows, since... probably only 1% of you who look at this LJ watches series from TVB. If at all. Who among you guys speak/hear cantonese anyway?

But anyway. I suppose it's a good time as any to (attempt to) pull someone into this. :)

So. I'm recommending Witness Insecurity to watch.

It's generally pretty difficult to translate cantonese into english perfectly (and will likely never happen), particularly since the former uses a lot of proverbs is difficult to say in english without losing its...real meaning and impact. As far as subbing goes though, there's some hits and misses, but it works well enough.

Witness Insecurity is what seems to be a police drama, but it's more family drama than cops versus criminal drama.

While not the best TVB series I've watched over the years but...it's still up there. As far as originality goes, it's not very original - but TVB series are never usually original anyway, so it's about as original as it gets, given that TVB has a tendency to stick to storylines and soap dramas that would guarantee viewings from...HK housewives.

Storyline is straightforward. Maybe with a couple plot holes here and there. I like it though. It's simple, but it's also clean. People sometimes overrate complexity, and this in turns make them forget that simplicity is what usually makes things shine through and nicely, at that.

Plot progression wise, the first half was pretty great, but second half feels like it's been rushed to meet the 20 episodes cap. Someone told me that it's cause the series got cut down from 28 episodes to 20 to accomodate an upcoming series (even though it's been denied by various parties), but...well, who knows.

Regardless. Though rushed, there is enough of a momentum building up from the start of the show that makes the ending very, very memorable, and very impactful. If the show hadn't been rushed, the ending would've probably been a lot better.

There were also some problems with a few dialogues that doesn't really seem to match up...but I suspect that it's not so much the actors/actress's issue and more of a scriptwriting issue. Plus the rushed plot thing.

So the storyline was good, plot progression went from good to okay to a memorable ending - but from the way I see it, it's the characters that really takes the spotlight here.

The antics portrayed by the Kiu brothers is pretty much one of the major highlights of the show - I can't recall any other TVB series that shows brotherhood the way this one did. Where it's mostly amusing at it's front, it speaks strongly of brotherhood ties hidden beneath the constant arguing and tomfoolery. That said though - I do think that the younger brother got a bit...something, as it approached the end. Maybe it has to do with how the show had been rushed.

Ji Lam...is okay. Went from okay to okay-good. Acting's not bad. It was a little awkward at the start, but given that I do think this character is difficult to portray, I'd say Ka Yan's made a pretty good effort - although I would also say that I've seen better acting from this particular actress. It got better as it went on, however, so props for that. Personality wise - clear progression on how the character grew, etc, so it went pretty nicely, I reckon.

I don't really have anything to say about Hui Sir/Sum. There's nothing bad with the acting or characterization, but there isn't really anything spectacular either. But, the fault lies more with the script than the character/actor itself - there's just not enough exposition on him or his motives where Ji Lam is involved and that does play a part in digging holes where plotline and ending is concerned.

Other characters/subplot: Um...didn't really interest me, to be honest. The only great highlight was when a certain character died. :D

As for romance between Ji Lam and Sum...hm. How should I say this without spoiling the show? It's...er...yeah. Watch it and you'll know. :D I guess I can say that it's about as subtle as anything will ever be, but it's also the thing keeps people watching till the end.

Overall thoughts: This is a good show, but could've potentially been amazing if certain things had been done better. The ending was very nicely done. The music in the show is pretty good and going great. A sequel is something I would definitely like to hear about...if only to see what Ji Lam will do in the aftermath. I would have also preferred a different title for this show. "Witness Insecurity" as a title just seems completely inaccurate and grammatically wrong.

...And I suppose you can say that a major reason I decided to highlight this show is because I would've very likely written a fic that progressed and ended the way it did in this show had I been in the mood to write. :D
Dunno if you guys read Akame ga KILL! before, but I think it's awesome, has nice art, and has great characters. The concept is simple enough, but the delivery is something I've no complaints about.

And a plus is that the MC isn't a wuss or etc or something that'd annoy me. None of the characters have yet to annoy me (in a bad way), actually, and I doubt they will.


Chelsea is cool. Esdese is also curiously awesome and possibly one of the most complicated and twistedly pure among them, but scary scary.

Jun. 4th, 2012

Wow, ffnet, you are...I mean, you are really...

...I don't even know what to say. First, the fics and accounts purging...and some which, I think, is very likely to be unwarranted, and now, the hideous looking...picture covers. Is that what it's called...? Why are you spending time on this and not on other more serious matters? You are not convincing me that you are deleting things solely because you think they break the rules.

I can't say I've seen ffdotnetrants so lively till recently.

So...right. AO3. I've signed up for this place a very, very long time ago - but it's only now that I've started to seriously think of putting everything up there.

If you guys are interested, you can probably find some invites here and here. I didn't think to store up some invites till now, though I've just only requested it. So if any of you need one, I could probably provide some invites later on.

Edit: I've 5 4 invites. Drop me a note or something if any of you want one.

Edit2: When even a reader takes the time to pm you about the purge ffnet is doing... maaan.


May. 27th, 2012

Title: heartbeat | FFnet | AO3
Fandom: Sailormoon
Part I | Jadeite | 3261 words
Spoilers/warnings: Post-manga story. There will be spoilers to some degree. Unbeta-ed.
Theme song: FFVII Crisis Core - The Price of Freedom.

Read more...Collapse )

FFXIII: Fanfiction Recommendations

A compilation of recommended FF13 fictions found throughout the net that is not available on FFnet (well-written fics on ffnet have been compiled into a list on Précis). As I come across any that I find to be well-written, and in character, they will be added accordingly. And if you, the author, do not wish to have your fiction linked here, please contact me and I'll remove them.

There are only two notable categories to note of at the moment, but this may change at a later date in the event that more fics of the same type (pairing, focus, character centric, etc) are found. All fictions are listed by categories, and followed by authors where possible. Drabbles are generally also not included unless if I'm really impressed, i.e. below 1000 words.

A slash implies a pairing, coma implies character focus.

Current Fic Count: 26.

Read more...Collapse )

And the day Précis has a 20 fic count is the day I will consider writing something for FF13 seriously. Lalala.


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